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Data Optimization

Data Optimization

How do you distinguish the quality at two addresses, where you only know the gender, the first and last name, the post, e-mail address or telephone number? With additional features! Additional features help you get to know your data better. Do you rather buy young, well-earned families the product advertised by e-mail, which also attach importance to innovation? Or are there singles with the brand in the foreground?

If you know your data, you can better identify your potential customers and know who you are and which product to address, and how to reach your target group without loss of litter. With additional features, you not only improve your advertising efforts and reduce your scattering losses, but also increase the quality of your customer data.

Regardless of the advertising channel, the additional information helps you to categorize your target group and thus control the appropriate campaigns appropriately.

Through our platform you also have the possibility to automatically carry out a relocation, address, person, household, e-mail and telephone check so that your data is always up-to-date.