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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the fastest & most measurable way to establish direct contact with your potential customer. The Internet is used by more and more companies as a powerful, round-the-clock advertising channel.

Communication via email offers many advantages, which must be taken into consideration in a successful marketing strategy. In addition to our sending volume of 6.8 million Double Opt-In data sets, email marketing also has the ability to focus the consumers’ attention on the advertiser’s services and products. You can choose your target group and product-specific requirements, similar to the classic marketing method, to deliver your mail ad to prospective customers at the speed and measurability which is customary in online marketing.

Your advert will be sent to the desired target group quickly and in real-time and will be both transparent and measurable. Target group requirements and control options lead the way in email marketing. You can individually determine the target group and the product-specific approach as well as control and monitor the exact dispatch time.

We don’t just simply deal with the technical side, but support your campaign from the conception and layout through to the analysing of its success. For this, we also provide technical tools including shipping software and tracking and analysis tools at no additional cost.